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Lactalis Canada prides itself on its more than 140 years of brand heritage in this country and its rich history rooted in humble beginnings that started in the 1930s with the Besnier family in Laval, France.


Local dairy farmers started making cheese in Balderson Corners, Ontario, earning awards at every major cheese-making competition both in Canada and abroad.


On October 19, André Besnier started his business in Laval, France with one employee. On the first day, 35 litres of milk were collected, and 17 Camembert cheeses were created.


Robert F. Hart established Black Diamond Cheese, making it the first brand-name cheddar in Canada.


Victoriaville, Québec—famous for hockey sticks—is also where agronomist Lionel Beaudet founded Lactantia Ltd.—the first Canadian butter maker to use aluminum wrapping to preserve his butter’s “farm fresh goodness.”


Parmalat Canada acquired these existing brands and other brands making it one of Canada’s largest food companies.


Lactalis Group becomes #1 on the global dairy market after the acquisition of Italian dairy leader Parmalat. Parmalat operated in Canada beginning in 1997 and was a subsidiary of Parmalat S.p.A of Italy.


Lactalis Canada acquires the Natural Cheese Division from Kraft Heinz, offering our ‘Nations Favourites’ cheese brands made from wholesome milk: Cracker Barrel, P’tit Québec, and aMOOza! along with Black Diamond and Cheestrings Ficello.


Parmalat Canada becomes Lactalis Canada to reflect its full ownership by Lactalis Group.


Lactalis Canada acquires Ultima Foods Inc. and welcomes 450 new employees and the highly recognizable IÖGO, IÖGO nanö and Olympic brands to its existing portfolio of iconic yogourt brands that include Astro, siggi’s and Khaas. Lactalis Canada also adds the Kraft Heinz Grated cheese business in Canada to its portfolio, marking the company’s entry into the ambient category.


Lactalis Canada acquires Quebec-based premium dessert manufacturer, Marie Morin Canada. This acquisition marks Lactalis Canada’s entry into the dessert category, in both the Canadian and U.S. markets, with the addition of Marie Morin’s product line of premium desserts featuring the finest traditional recipes including its signature crème brûlée, chocolate mousse and cheesecakes.