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Ulliane Camargo

Ulliane Camargo


Please introduce yourself: who are you and what do you do?

Hello, I am Ulliane, a Brazilian food engineer with a Master of Science in Engineering. I currently work as a Senior Production Supervisor at the Lactalis Canada Brampton, Ontario facility.

You joined Lactalis in 2016, years ago. What positions have you held over the years and what led to your current role in Canada?

I was hired by Lactalis Brazil for an international master’s guaranteed work placement program that Lactalis Group does in partnership with a French school, L’École supérieure des agricultures. After completing the program I returned to Brazil in the role of Continuous Improvement Supervisor and one year later I had an opportunity to move into a Senior Production Supervisor position first in Brazil and then in Canada.

What made you want to explore international opportunities with us?

After my first international experience knew I wanted to live abroad again and further develop my career. After I demonstrated my interest in an international position, I had the support from colleagues and the company to pursue my dreams.

How does Lactalis encourage and support international mobility?

My first international opportunity was with Lactalis, so throughout the years we built a respectful and trusting relationship, always focusing on my career development. It was an easy and natural decision to rely on Lactalis for my next move, since I had ongoing support from the company.