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Ana Gasparovic

Ana Gasparovic


Please introduce yourself: who are you and what do you do?

Hi my name is Ana Gasparovic and I am the Transport Operations Manager for direct to retail delivery activity at Lactalis Canada.

What positions have you held over the years and what led to your current role in Canada?

I joined Lactalis Group in Croatia in September 2017 as a Supply Chain Specialist. After two years I was promoted to Transportation Project Manager at the global headquarters in France. While working for Lactalis in France, I worked on many international projects including Turkey, Croatia, Sweden, U.S. and Canada. My last project was the Transport Management system implementation in Canada which led me to my current position.

What made you want to explore international opportunities with us?

After professionally developing with the Croatian logistics team, I wanted to challenge myself and experience other projects which made me think of exploring Lactalis international opportunities.

How does Lactalis encourage and support international mobility?

Lactalis is very committed to employee growth. The company offers full transparency when it comes to international mobility. You will always get full support and access to all the important information before deciding to move internationally.

Share a fun fact about you:

I was a professional tennis player. I played Division 1 tennis for Iowa State University in the U.S.